brand new 3 song ep titled: "Walking Like Men" has been completed! It will be available at the Worcester Horror Con pre-release, with an official release of nov10th and the Cantab Lounge show.
Hope to See everyone at the show!
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Show at Cantab Lounge, a Cantmiss,if you Cantgo you Cantblow!

Brand new, super groovy and without a doubt the best thing since sliced whatchamadingles, Behold the Dirge Carolers in all of the "Dirgy-Glory" that you have come to expect. So take those corsets and puffy-shirts out of storage and party with the zombies of olde Skybar .

The Dirge Carolers @ Cantab Lounge

10 Nov 2007, 08:00 PM
738 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
Cost : $7.00

Dark Sky Productions present The Dirge Carolers, Lilac Ambush, The Limitations and Dirigible Ego

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