The Dirge Carolers

Here Be Monsters

1 April 1981
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Like a cannister of toxic gas hidden away by the government; The Dirge Carolers have been around for a little while. Brewing, popping up here and there in different incarnations, mutating. Now after years of slow leaking, the cannister is ready to split wide open. Rushing out into the open air and water supply to pollute, mutate and eventually destroy everything that is wholesome and safe. Don't get any on you and stay clear of the llama pen and you still won't be safe! It may come as Batcave era Goth, Death Rock or some horrible Lovecraftian tentacle monster, its all a cabaret to them. Follow singer Chris Harnois and his none too merry band of misanthropes Peter,Heather and Dorian in their musical ministrations, watch as they bump into adversity, trample good taste,eat cold takeout and trip on their Freudian slips.